Greetings & Salutations

This is where I post anything I wish to. Regardless if someone reads it or not, it is not for others I do this, but for myself. Life is too short to care or bother with the thoughts and actions of others, so I have decided to do something for me!

I may post poetry, short stories, excerpts from my novel, or from a novel I’m reading. I will most likely post videos for music, movies, or anything I dub worthy of being on this site.

There has been a change in my life that I feel compelled to mark. I won’t say share, because in order to share, others have to see and read and react. Not sure how this will be received, not sure how I will go about it. It is just thoughts in my head, and I want to get out in the open. Out for others to read or see if they choose to.

While I’m Waiting by John Waller featuring scenes from Fireproof.



Any thoughts?

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