As I sit here waiting, I started to think of what I really want out if life. My life is nowhere near what I dreamed it would be as a child. So, I wanted to evaluate the differences.

Childhood dreams:
-huge wedding
-marry my crush
-live in a large house by the lake
-drive a fast car

My life now
-small wedding
-divorced 5 1/2 years later
-live with my folks
-have no car
-have two great kids
-started college
-love God
-am happy

Reading and comparing these lists, I’ve realized my life is different and not what I wanted; but it’s much better than I’ve ever thought it could be.

It’s important to remember, just because something has not turned out as you planned doesn’t mean it’s not better. Life does not going according to what we plan, but what God has planned.


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