I often…

wonder if I’ll ever get that story I keep saying I’ve got in my head. Currently, I have two already started, and about five still in my head. I hope to get it all down one day, perhaps later today, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps I’ll do it next week. I do hope to find the time to sit down and write them, because even if they are not published, I will know I have finished something I have longed to do.

think why tonight, am I sitting here writing on this blog instead of writing on a story.

ponder on the way my children think. *chuckle* My daughter actually had an agrument with me about when she is getting a cell phone. She is ten now, but I have gone back and forth over when I am getting her a cell phone. Before, it was ten, then 11, then 12, at last count it was 12. Since then, I have been thinking of giving it to her the summer before she startes junior high, which would be next summer. She argues that I told her 12, not when she’s 11. Now I ask, does that sound like a sound agrument??!! I so love my daughter.

Tonight I have no song… Tonight I leave a quote…

I have never known any distress that an hour’s reading did not relieve.” ~Baron de Montesquieu


Any thoughts?

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