Just the beginning…

Today, my niece, my sister, and my mom were looking at some decorating ideas for my niece’s upcoming Quinceanera. She will be turning 15, next year, and we are working on trying to figure out which them (if any) she would like.

I already want to pull out my hair.

In Hispanic tradition, a Quinceanera is a big deal. The issue for me, it is much like a wedding!

Thinking back on my Quinceanera (which was many, many, MANY years ago), it was bigger than my wedding. (Although I am happily divorced now! Yay me!!) To think though, at 15, I had such a celebration that it was actually bigger than the once I had for celebrating a day I would spend the rest of my life (supposedly) to Mr. X.

We finally (keeping my fingers crossed) agreed on a theme. We actually found the cake she wants and some other tidbits that will be put into stone. I don’t want to end up pulling out my hair, but I have already told her… If she doesn’t get more serious, this is going to be the party I wanted!

Wish me luck in the coming year!


**Oops, in my rush to get the blog out, I forgot to title it. Have just not gone and done so. (Shaking my head)**

The song my daddy sang to me at my Quinceanera – I couldn’t stop crying.

Later in life, I sang this song to my dad

Not to forget my mother, she has been there strong as well…

Okay, that was the last video. There are other songs which bring back memories, or love, or just a feeling for someone… But I will leave that for another time.



Any thoughts?

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