As I sit here looking at my son while he sleeps, I am reminded of how his father is not around to see him turning into a young man. Although he is still young, not in his teens yet, he is tall and growing rapidly. I think of my daughter, and how she doesn’t have the father she did when she was younger. Their father did not pass away, he is just not around for them.

A while back, a movie came out entitled “Courageous”. I was excited about it and even read the book for the movie was released. Loved the book. Have it marked like crazy. Watching the movie is amazing. It made me realize that even though my kids don’t have their biological father, they do have a wonderful and amazing grandfather which has shown them the love they need.

The movie is amazing, the song by Casting Crowns is as well. I know it says “men of courageous” but as a single mom, I need to step up and be the one who leads my children in the right direction. I don’t need a man to show them that. It’s an honor my father is able to do that my children.



Any thoughts?

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