With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I think of past relationships. I do this because I am single. What better time to think of how single I but on Valentine’s day.

There are various memories which pop into mind…

Best gift
– as a mother – it’s anything my children have given me. ☺
– as a woman – a single yellow rose

Yes, I said yellow. This was special because yellow roses are my favorite flower. That yellow rose showed me he remembered it was my favorite. It definitely stuck out among the red ones.

As a hopeless romantic, love and Valentine’s day should include romance. Romance does not mean spending lots of money. Don’t get me wrong, spending money on your special someone is nice. Just remember that the little things go a LONG way.

I have always thought the best and romantic gestures have been the those which don’t cost a dime.

• picked wild flowers
• picnic for two
• a love letter/poem
• a serenade


Romance. It is not dead, but I fear it is in critical care.


Any thoughts?

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