Memories – Embarrassing

Today has been an interesting day. Nothing really happened, except the memories that flooded my mind. Yes, memories… again.

The memories for this blog will be those which are of the embarrassing nature. I have had several moments in my life, but there are two which stick out; which will ALWAYS stick out.

The first moment was when I had an interview at a company my cousin worked with. She was going in for a shift, and I was going to have an interview and then peddle around waiting for her to get out of work. This seemed like a logical thing, because I figured I could meet some people, have my interview, have lunch, and the time would pass in a flash.

What’s that saying, we plan and God laughs. Well, I planned and there was a lot of laughing. Unfortunately, it was all at my expense.

As a plus size gal, I was accustomed to chairs being snug. (Stop snickering – it’s coming.) I was truly blessed with a large backside. Normally, I fit into a chair, but these chairs were extra small. Okay, maybe to me they appeared to be that way.

When I walked into the office lobby, I noticed the chairs. In the back of my mind, I knew my hips would hurt from the metal bars cutting into them. So I prepared for it; or I thought I did. I squeezed into a chair and it wasn’t too bad.

Time began to tick. And tick. And tick.

And tick even still.

Then BAM!

I was on the floor.

I can remember looking around, and there were a lot of people laughing. There were a few trying to help me up and concerned if I had hurt myself. I think the secretary thought I would sue, so it wasn’t out of actual concern for me.

Turns burned in my eyes. I smiled as best as I could, stood up with as much dignity as I could muster, and walked out with my head held high. The walk to the truck was brisk and blurred as tears started to fall. It was a horrifying experience. Needless to say, I did not make the interview.

After an hour or two, I decided I needed retail therapy and went and bout myself a silver and turquoise ring. The ring became a symbol of my strength. I discovered that one could not die from embarrassment. It is a lesson I would continue to remind myself.

The next time I was in need of remembering this lesson, I was around a group of my peers. I will save this for another blog, but let’s just say… There is a pile of cow dung involved.



2 responses to “Memories – Embarrassing

  1. “A pile of cow dung?” This I gotta hear!
    Love the post.
    “…one cannot die from embarrassment.” That’s good to know. I think I have come close a few times.

    • Yes… A pile of cow dung. I will be posting soon.
      Oh, I’ve been embarrassed lots if time and many of which I was sure I was going to die. Or is it, I hoped I would?
      Glad you loved it.

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