The Moon

The Moon

The Moon
As seen through the TheSkyX First Light Edition Program

For Christmas, my son got a telescope. We took it out the first night, but it has been either too cold or too cloudy. Just yesterday, I was given the disc to install the program onto my laptop.

It was so cool to zoom in on the moon. The program allows the sky to be seen in fast forward or in rewind. This makes the sky look as if it is moving just for you. It was pretty awesome. Love the pic too. It was taken from the program.

It is inspiring to see the moon so close.


5 responses to “The Moon

  1. When I was nine years old my mother took me to San Francisco to the planetarium. The program was about Stonehenge and even though it did not entirely emphasize astronomy, I came away from the experience determined to become an astronomer.

    My face became familiar at the local library; could be found there every Saturday with piles of astronomy books stacked up around me. That Christmas I was given my first telescope and I felt like Galileo that Christmas night as I aimed the scope at the heavens. I saw the four moons of Jupiter, the Orion Nebula, some craters on a crescent moon, and then I caught Saturn in my lens. My breath was taken away. The rings were clearly visible. To this day, I still remember how awed I felt that instant; seeing for the first time that tiny beautiful image all on my own.

    Thank you for bringing these memories back fresh to my mind.

    • I’m glad I was able to invoke such memories. It is amazing how beautiful the stars and planets are. I look forward to many memorable moments with my son and daughter. πŸ™‚

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