Today has been an interesting day. Many laughs were had over breakfast with my Goopa and our Gordo.

Goopa is technically my cousin, but she has lived with us most of her life. She was like a daughter to me when she was little, and now that she has become a young adult, she has become my sister.

Somewhere along the way, she became my Goopa.

Goopa is a special word I use for her. First she was my Goober because she does some stupid things. (I love her anyway) Then one day she told me about a little old lady that was in the nursing home she worked in. She is an old polish woman who would speak in Polish periodically. She would call various people ‘dupa’ which is polish for ass.

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss

So, basically I call my cousin/daughter/sister a Stupid Ass. It is our thing.

I am surprised at how fast life passes by. It wasn’t that long ago I was changing her diapers. A few years after that, I was reading Dr. Seuss’s The Foot Book, then junior high. All these things lead to a large event, her quinceanera. She was 15. I remember thinking then, why is she growing so fast? Soon after, she graduated high school and entered college.  Today, she is still in college seeking a degree in radiology.

No matter how old she gets, she will always be my Goopa; the little girl who would repeatedly say to me, “Tita, please read me left foot, right foot.” She will forever be the girl I know that when I want to change the subject of a conversation, I just have to show her a shiny object and she will forget what she’s doing. She will forever be the friend that knows when I whistle “Whipper wheel” she will know it’s me. She will forever be the bestie that sings along while we watch Pitch Perfect. She will forever be the sister that will know the quote to a movie or the beginning to a song we have watched or listened to.

She will forever be… My Goopa! Love you Mija!

(Okay, are you happy now, I have made a post all about you!!)

~ Loving my Goopa ~ DA


Any thoughts?

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