Missing You


Missing You

Colors have faded

            What a cliché

But I keep on smiling

            Because it’s my way

Inside my heart

There is only darkness

To look at me

            You wouldn’t see – I’m a mess

The fact that its love

            Is what makes me want to cry

I swore I’d never let

            Anyone else inside

In the darkness

            That I’ve come to know

My mind fears

            My heart will let go

Satisfied to stay

            In its lonely hole

Sadly I feel

            I’m losing my soul

But what does it matter

            When I’m alone

Life has taught me

            I am the one

The one who will be

            Left behind

Seeking out

            Any kind of sign

Did you love me?

            Was it true?

Whatever the answer

            I’m missing you.

©2011 Dellajes Anilom


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