Short Stories

The first of what I hope to be a plethora of short stories is to be posted tonight. I sincerely hope you enjoy read it as I did writing it. The first of these short stories is one that is near and dear to my heart.

The first to be features… Sky Bound.

~Thoughtfully DA~


6 responses to “Short Stories

  1. The only thing more difficult to write than short stories (for me at least) is poetry, which my college writing prof once called ‘Literature Condensed.’ I look forward to reading. Do you follow Poe’s ‘formula?’

    • I suppose poetry is ‘Literature Condensed’, sort of like a ‘Reader’s Digest’.

      Poe’s formula… How horrible is it that I have no idea what that is? But you already know, I will be Googling it shortly.

      I follow my own formula, which is however I feel it or see it in my heart and mind.

      How does it sound by the way?

  2. Google will tell you more than I can. I am certainly no expert. I have written exactly one short story. And that was for a creative writing class. (I did get an A for it. Hehehe) Poe did invent the genre. This is what I was taught. Your writing is wonderful. Write on!

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