Done Cover



My heart aches to have the clouds hiding my moods

To have rain fall disguising my own tears

Feeling the cool wet drops fall from the sky

Softly kissing my cheeks and eyes as I cry

Time seems to be at a standstill

My heart lost to an ache that seems to never end

A loneliness that consumes my inner being

Searching for a life, that has some meaning

Sighing deeply, I close my eyes

Thinking of times that have past

Has my time of happiness come and gone

Without my knowledge that it is done

Should I surrender to the darkness?

Would I even be missed?

In the darkness of what is my life

I search for what I am longing for

I knew what it was, at one point in time

But now, it’s blurred by dirt and grime

As time continues to pass

The edges have begun to fade completely

Life is never ending regardless of the outcome

Perhaps, it has been all said… and done.

©2011 Dellajes Anilom


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