Embarrassing Moments 2

Not too long ago, I added a post of embarrassing moments. In that post I mentioned ‘cow dung’.  Yes, this is the post about said dung.

Back in the day, when night life for me was cruising (ha, I’ve not cruised in YEARS) down main street with the latest songs blaring out the rolled down windows. It was a Friday and Saturday night ritual. Once the drag was dead, we would convoy over to ‘The Oaks’.

Ah, the Oaks. (Yes, there are a few stories there too. One day… One day.)

Once we were gathered, we would all get out and shoot the breeze and of course, being teenagers there was some beer. I think back on that now and wonder how I ever survived those crazy times. On this particular night, everyone was pairing off. This was going to be a problem because at the time, I was seeing someone who lived out of town. Still, there was a one guy, isn’t there always, who thought I would pair off with him.

As a young lady raised to respect myself and any guy I was seeing, and I was not about to disrespect myself or my beau. The guy (let’s call him Eggroll – because that sounds funny and I don’t want to keep referring to him as ‘The Guy’) said he understood. Funny thing though, it wasn’t long after that, he suggested we all go skinny dipping. Understood my left foot!

There we all go hopping into our rides and following him and his gang to the pond. We get there and everyone takes off, everyone but me that is. I was not about to go skinny dipping with Eggroll! Yes I respected myself, but I had been drinking, which didn’t leave me with great decision making skills. Plus, he was a very handsome fellow. Had I not been with someone, I would have torn him up!! I kid you not.

Eggroll went in for a bit, but after a few minutes got out, got dressed, and went to visit with me. He said he respected my decision and thought it was kind of cool. Taking my hand, he also said that there weren’t a lot of girls who told him no, and that just made him like me more.


Did he just think I was challenging him? I got sober and I got sober quick! We (and when I say we I mean ‘He’) decided to go out to his ranch to watch movies and chill the night away. Eggroll decided he wanted us to ride together so he told my ride I was riding with him. Imagine my surprise when my ride leaves and I’ve no clue what’s going on. I should have been scared, but back in those days, I was fearless. Stupid I know.

Hopping into his truck (it’s Texas, if you are any kind of country boy, you drive a truck), I am happy to see we won’t be riding alone. He turns on the radio and ‘When She Cries’ by Restless Heart is playing. It was one of my favorite songs and I started to hum along. He heard and started to sing it. His voice sucked. Then he turns and looks and me and winks, and starts to sing in a clear voice. I smile and look out my window.

When we get to where we are going, for some reason I am volunteered to open the gate. Because, it’s a ranch, of course there is a closed gate. I remember looking at him and thinking, ‘you don’t seriously want me to open it?’, but he did.

It was dark, but there was light from the headlights of the truck. I walked to the gate and opened it like a pro, because as a country girl, I was. Once I had the gate opened, I waited for him to drive through then closed the gate behind. Closing the gate was a little tricky, there wasn’t much light without the headlights. It was taking a long because I couldn’t find the hole. There went my pro status.

I had just got it done when Eggroll gets off his truck and walks over to me to check on me. Turning from the gate, I hadn’t heard him get off the truck so when I turned around and saw a dark shadow between me and the truck, I got scared. I tried to turn around slipped and fell on the ground.

Lucky for me it wasn’t too hard. (One guess why.) Eggroll was on me in a second making sure I was okay, but I still didn’t know it was him so I was fighting him off. His voice finally came through my fear and I stopped. He helped me up and as I got up I felt wet.

Right in the middle of my back, on my favorite t-shirt, was a huge spot where I fell on cow dung! Yup, it smelled great and felt warm. He was a kind about it and said I could use his shirt, but I think it was more so I didn’t get any on his truck’s seat.

When we pulled up to the house, I went straight for the bathroom. He offered me a clean t-shirt and a towel if I wanted to shower. I did not turn that down. By the time I came out of the shower, everyone was in a room and paired off for the night. I was stuck with Eggroll. In his room. With his bed.

He turned out to be a perfect gentleman. Not once did he try anything. Instead we talked about life, what he wanted to do with his. He was five years older me and still working on finding his way. We fell asleep at some point, because the next thing I know it is dawn. I thought there would be some awkwardness in the morning, but there wasn’t. It was just like the night before, for us at least.

It was interesting to see the now sober paired off couples react to each other in the morning. It was also interesting that on the way him, Eggroll reached out for my hand. We held hands as he drove. It was a special moment between him and I. One that I will treasure till this day and remember fondly as the night I met a great person and ruined my favorite shirt. A shirt I left at his house by the way. I didn’t want a smelling cow dung shirt.

~ Smelling Fresh These Days ~ DA`


5 responses to “Embarrassing Moments 2

    • Yeah, Eggroll. Just popped into my head. LOL

      I wish I could say cow dung and I weren’t acquainted, but we keep in touch from time to time. Living in the country and all. 🙂


    • LOL
      I know right? I told Eggroll he needed to butcher that cow, if only he could figure out which it was.

      On a side note, two weeks later I was invited out to his ranch for a BBQ.

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