This Place

This Place


I think of you, most of the day

Wondering if you might feel, the same way


Closing my eyes, I see your face

Wishing I could get, out of this place


Hearing you laugh, makes me smile

It’s a sound I could listen to, for a while


I always enjoy talking to you

You turn my day from black, to blue


But it’s when you sing

That changes everything

I get lost in the words

Your voice like nothing, I’ve ever heard


I close my eyes, when I listen to you

My feelings, my emotions, shown with a tear or two


How I long, to get out of this place

You’re a dream, I keep trying to chase


Though I honor the place I’m in

I still wonder… Will I always, just be a friend?


©2011 Dellajes Anilom


Any thoughts?

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