Nothing Goes as Planned

Well, I signed up to do the Cherished Blog Fest 2016, but as can happen; I am away from my computer. And as it turns out, it was what should be.

I sit right now, watching my two wonderful children enjoy some down town after a busy day. Shopping, more shopping, eating, swimming, eating again. I realize that this moment, this very moment, is one of my most cherished objects. It is time.

I know it won’t be the last (I hope not) because as the years continue, I pray I’m able to be here for my kids; to share in the new adventures that God sets forth before us.

Tomorrow is never promised which is why plans change. Nothing like an unexpected vacation of shopping and swimming to brighten up any day, week, or month.

It is these unexpected moments in time that become some of my most cherished.

My daughter’s long hair flowing like a mermaid in the pool.

My son’s laughter as he after seeing me laugh at his face in the pool.

Even my mother’s fear of drowning, and inability to float because she is holding on to something over her head.





Yes, it is my most Cherished object.

So, I’m happy I didn’t post the original post I had written for this event. This was so much better. (And shorter).



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