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Nebulize Short Stories

Here is where I post the short stories I have written over the years. Over the years, there have been several short stories I have written, but not all have made it to the eyes of any readers. What is it they say, “I am my own worst critic”?

Hope you enjoy the fragments of stories I post. May they take you on a journey, even if only for a short bit.

All short stories are copyrighted by ©Dellajes Anilom (me).

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  • Sky Bound – (This story holds a deep meaning for me because 85% of it is true. Care to guess which of the 15% is not true? Although this was written a couple years after him Composed May 20, 2012, this will always be dedicated to my inspiration for the story, Marcos aka Dude. Missing him is hard, but it has become good inspiration for my writing.)

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