Nebulize ~ Poetry A collection of poetry.

Nebulize ~ Poetry
A collection of poetry.

For many years, I have written poetry. It helps soothe my inner being. I am not always inspired, so I do not always write poetry, but when I do, it just pours out. May you enjoy it as I do.

As a writer finding a home can be difficult. I had been posting my poems on Wattpad under Nebulize. I don’t post there anymore, because it just didn’t suit my needs. I still do have my page there.

All poems are copyrighted by ©Dellajes Anilom (me).

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  • There is Time – (First posted onto my Wattpad account in August 13, 2011)
  • Missing You – (This poem was written during the same time as the others on Wattpad, but it was never added. It is written about Him, my M. August 28, 2011)
  • Life – (Composed on August 29, 2011, it is one that has never been posted anywhere.  It is not as dark as the others I write, which is why the cover photo I designed for it is lighter than the others.
  • Bleeding – (I remember writing this a few years ago. It was the only release I could find over a broken heart. Composed August 23, 2011.)
  • Done – (Written July 7, 2011, I first posted this on my Wattpad page. It is my heart on a page.)
  • Does Time – (This was written during the same time of M, August 29, 2011.)
  • Nothing – (Not much to say about this poem, it is pretty self explanatory, in June of 2013.)
  • It’s Over – (This poem was written July 7, 2011. First posted on my Wattpad account, it was helpful for me to get some feelings out that needed to be said. Reading it again, I know I have much more to say.)
  • This Place – (This poem was composed on July 10, 2011 along side some of the others. First posted on Wattpad, it’s one written for my Singer.)
  • Real Me – (One of my newer poems, composed last year, June 20, 2013. It was a dark time for me.)
  • My Singer – (This poem was composed for MS, My Singer, just as the title entails on August 13, 2011. Originally posted to Wattpad first.)
  • How I Loathe Myself – (This poem was composed out of pain and as the title states, self loathing. I really like this poem as it was something I needed to get out. It was a combination of situations, but ultimately a recent one. February 11, 2017)
  • Life Memories – (Composed while thinking of a current situation, life, men, and my mom’s cancer, it just spelled out of me. It is a true reflection of how I see things. February 12, 2017)

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